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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps organizations manage content more effectively and efficiently, and optimize business processes to improve productivity, streamline operations, and enhance compliance. The results are smarter  and  faster decisions, that maximize revenue, contain costs, ensure compliance and manage risk -delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.
Our ECM Solutions include:
  • Document Capture and Exchange: automates the capture and exchange of document and information while integrating directly  with  existing  business  applications  and  IT  platforms. Our  solutions  improve  the  speed,  cost, accuracy and efficiency of both back-office  and  front-office  business  processes and transactions, from  scanning  documents  at  the point of entry to exchanging information across a wide variety of applications and devices.
  • Document Management: provides secure, accurate, scalable, robust and rules-based document life cycle  management. Our solutions manage every stage of the document life cycle - from creation, reviews, approval and publishing to archiving and disposal -and are well suited for managing compound and complex business documents.
  • Web Content Management: enables  end-to-end  collaboration  for the  creation,  approvals, management,  retention, and publishing of content across Internet, intranet, extranet, and  portal assets. Our solutions accelerate the  development and delivery of critical business information by streamlining the content life cycle, removing IT bottlenecks, providing WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is what-you-get) authoring and content personalization by role or user preference  to  ensure  a  consistent, professional look and feel across multiple sites.
  • Output/Report Management: provides   on-demand   tools to   manage  both  back-office  and customer-facing output and reports. Our solutions combine report management with electronic presentation of various  customer  account information including statements, check images and online reports to improve  the  performance  of  customer  service representatives as well as the self-service customer experience and reducing costs.
  • Records Management: provides a secure, accurate,  scalable  and   robust  system  for  identifying,  classifying, circulating, archiving,  preserving,  and  destroying  records. Our   solutions  help   clients   meet   their   growing    number  of    records management, e-mail archiving and compliance requirements.
  • Documents/Records Archiving: enables secure and easy access to a document or record once it has progressed through its life cycle  and  is  no  longer  needed  for   regular   and   instant   access. Our   solutions  provide the ability to control the automation of the archiving process based on business needs and compliance requirements.
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